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Boehner ready to eliminate popular aspects of Obamacare

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The GOP is fired up and ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It's unclear why it makes sense to eliminate the entire program if they're primarily against the unpopular individual mandate. Since the GOP has made it clear that they have no plan to do anything about healthcare, anything Boehner says about keeping the popular parts of the plan can't be taken seriously.

The GOP owned Washington during most of the Bush years when the problem of healthcare was exploding yet they chose to ignore the issue. Why is anything Boehner says taken seriously, since he's not a serious person? Bloomberg:

Boehner said he supported letting people under 26 stay on their parents’ insurance when out of a job, one of the measures included in the law. He said many of the provisions can be replaced.

“All of those provisions, popular provisions, many of them very sound provisions, can in fact be done in a common sense way,” he said. “But not in 2,700 pages that no one read.”

The nation’s spending programs will need to be adjusted to reduce the federal debt, Boehner said. How it will be done is “going to be the subject of a great debate as we get into this election cycle and as we get into the post-election cycle,” he said.
Boehner now sounds like Romney, saying whatever he thinks people want to say at that moment. If he wanted these provisions, why couldn't he have offered constructive input during the debate rather than focus on changing the system? There's absolutely no reason to believe Boehner or any Republican that they will be honest negotiators with healthcare reform. They've been all about obstructionism and have shown no interest in negotiating anything, so what's different now?

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