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Barclays knew about Libor corruption four years ago

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Not only was the Libor manipulation crimes by Barclays openly discussed by a Barclays strategist, but the WSJ also reported at the same time about banks such as Citibank and JPMorgan that were "reporting significantly lower borrowing costs." What we need to know now is how many banks are currently under investigation for this crime. Again, when setting the Libor rates, the top and bottom four are discarded so we know there are a number of banks that will be involved.

While speaking this week, shamed CEO Bob Diamond claimed to have never heard of the Libor fixing until last month yet it is hard to believe that he wasn't aware of something like this. It either shows incompetence, negligence or that the banks are too large to be managed and need to be broken up to a more manageable level.

Have the banks finally reached their tipping point by going too far, too many times? I'm still not convinced because they are the government and they are the law but they're definitely in for some challenging months.

More from Bloomberg on the ongoing Libor ripoff.
Banks routinely misstated borrowing costs to the British Bankers' Association to avoid the perception they faced difficulty raising funds as credit markets seized up, said Tim Bond, a strategist at Barclays Capital.

"The rates the banks were posting to the BBA became a little bit divorced from reality," Bond, head of asset-allocation research in London, said in a Bloomberg Television interview. "We had one week in September where our treasurer, who takes his responsibilities pretty seriously, said: 'right, I've had enough of this, I'm going to quote the right rates.' All we got for our pains was a series of media articles saying that we were having difficulty financing."

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