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Auto sales continue to grow

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Maybe the GOP wants to keep talking about how bad the auto rescue was, but the facts say otherwise. Unlike the bank bailouts where it was all about protecting the lifestyle of the richest of the rich, the auto rescue was about saving middle class jobs. It worked and it Obama's plan didn't destroy families the way the Romney plan would have destroyed them and the industry. CNBC:
“The combination of new products, available credit, lower fuel prices and modest economic growth was a stronger influence on consumer behavior than economic and political uncertainty,” said Kurt McNeil, General Motors’ vice president of U.S. sales.

GM posted a solid, 16 percent year-over-year gain, June bringing the maker’s best monthly unit sales since September of 2008.

Chrysler, meanwhile, delivered its 27th consecutive monthly year-over-year increase — an increase of 20 percent — making it Chrysler’s best June in five years.

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