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Anti-tax movement region of Colorado hit by fires, begs for federal help

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By all means the people of this area should receive federal help during such an emergency, but they also ought to be charged heavily for it. Those same right wing extremists like to talk about personal responsibility, so surely they wouldn't accept freeloading off of the generosity of fellow Americans without paying them for the services, right?

The other obvious point of the Colorado fires is the link to climate change. This is not unlike the extreme weather that we also see in the south, also another region where many people don't believe it's a problem. How's that working out?

Bloomberg has more on the anti-tax extremists who now are looking for federal assistance.

The city where the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed 346 homes and forced more than 34,000 residents to evacuate turned off one-third of its streetlights two years ago, halted park maintenance and cut services to close a $28 million budget gap after sales-tax revenue plummeted and voters rejected a property-tax increase.

The municipality, at 416,000 the state’s second-largest, auctioned both its police helicopters and shrank public-safety ranks through attrition by about 8 percent; it has 50 fewer police and 39 fewer firefighters than five years ago. More than 180 National Guard troops have been mobilized to secure the city after the state’s most destructive fire. At least 32 evacuated homes were burglarized and dozens of evacuees’ cars were broken into, said Police Chief Pete Carey.

“It has impacted the response,” said Karin White, a 54- year-old accountant, who returned home June 28 to a looted and vandalized house, with a treasured, century-old family heirloom smashed.
Something about this story really bothers me because what I've come to dislike the most about the modern GOP is their brutality to others. The have no sense of community and never care about anyone besides themselves.

We see the same behavior throughout the extremist south every time a new tornado or hurricane blows through. These are the people who mostly receive much more federal revenue than they pay into the system yet they still want to slash taxes more so the supposed freeloaders up north (i.e. poor city people) don't get anything.

Each time a terrible storm comes through, there there are, asking for handouts and yes, each time they receive those handouts because there are still enough Americans who care about their fellow Americans. It's not their precious Bible that's saving them, it's federal goddamn dollars paid that come from those people that they hate.

It's going to be a loss for America if our old spirit of togetherness goes away but the anti-tax Republicans are trying their hardest to make it a reality. If that day comes where there are no federal handouts to handout, it is likely going to be those anti-tax extremists who pay the price much more than anyone else.

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