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Video: 14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting rampage at theater near Denver

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KUSA-TV reports that one wounded victim is only 3 months old.

More from MSNBC:
"People were coming out of there screaming, some of the people were coming out of there bleeding. ... People were coming out with their shirts covered in blood," he said.

As he left the theater, eyewitness Hayden Miller told KUSA said people ran up to him and said "there was a gunman setting off bombs and shooting people. ... He wasn't giving anyone a chance to get out ... It hasn't really hit me. I’m in shock. it’s insane that this can happen in a movie theater where people had gone to have fun."

Another eyewitness, whose name was not given, told KUSA that he "saw at least 4, maybe 5 people limping, slightly wounded. ... I saw one girl covered in blood.

"I don’t know whose little girl that was, but my heart goes out to them. ... A cop came walking through the front door ... holding a little girl in his arms and she wasn't moving, she wasn't moving," the young man, whose voiced cracked as he spoke, told KUSA.

Ban em all.

America needs to confront its culture of violence, which is only fed by the GOP (there are Muslims in our midst!) and the NRA (guns don't kill people, except they often really do). This kind of thing doesn't happen nearly this frequently, if at all, in the rest of the developed world. This is not "normal" life in modern society.  It's only normal in America.  And Beirut.

It reminds me of working on crime issues in DC around 2002, back when we were the murder capital again.  The mayor at the time, and his public safety person, kept trying to sell people the line that people getting shot on the corner of really nice neighborhoods was the price of living in the big city.  It was something out of a bad movie.

I kept standing up and having to explain to them that it's really not a prerequisite of "city living" to be shot walking home from a bar in a really nice neighborhood.  That was a DC specialty, among a few other key American cities.

Our leaders would like us to believe, accept, that violence is the unfortunate but inevitable collateral damage of living in America.  And it is.  But it doesn't have to be, it shouldn't have to be.

Someone shot video of everyone evacuating.

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