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Young food blogger wins the day

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It's hard not to get a smile when you read about someone beating the odds and winning like this. Martha Payne is the 9 year old kid who blogged about the unhealthy food her school was serving, only to be shut down by the school. Not only did the outrage push the school to let her blog again about the food, but the story also led to a celebrity chef joining her to help create a new menu for the school. How fun is that?

When a 9-year-old Scottish girl started her popular blog in April, all she was looking to do was document the quality of food choices at her school and raise some money for charity. One controversy later, Martha Payne is now helping to choose the school’s lunches with a celebrity chef and has generated more than $120,000 for a charity that is building an African school kitchen.

Martha became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter Friday after she posted on Thursday that the local Argyll and Bute Council banned her from publishing photos of her school lunches on her blog. The council then pulled a 180 and gave her permission to continue blogging after the ensuing outcry on social media. Three days later, it was announced that she is teaming up with celebrity chef Nick Nairn to help the council provide more nutritious meals at her school, Lochgilphead Primary in Argyll.

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