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Violent Neo-Nazi Greek spokesman sues victims for defamation

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Milliseconds before clocking his female victim.

"Only in America" has come to Greece.

How is it that the man who hit a woman repeatedly in the face, and threw water on a second woman - all on national TV - can then sue his victims for defamation, after the police had to launch a nationwide man-hunt to find the guy?

Once again, why is he not in jail?
A Greek far-right politician who hit a left-wing politician in the face and threw water at another during a live television talk show sued his victims for defamation on Monday.

Ilias Kasidiaris, spokesman of the far-right Golden Dawn party, said he would also sue private TV station Antenna for wrongful detention after he was locked in a room in the studio following the attack until he broke down the door and escaped.
NOTE FROM JOHN: Wrongful detention? He's lucky someone didn't shoot him after he started beating up a woman on national TV.

It is funny how thin-skinned those neo-Nazis are.

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