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Video: Romney in 2006 said health care mandate is "essential"

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Oh my, yet another example of Mitt Romney taking all sides of an issue depending on who he is speaking with at the moment. He has no core beliefs other than raking in dollars for himself.

What is also exposed here is that the Republicans have shifted so far to the right, they don't even agree on the "conservative" beliefs of a few years ago. Obama himself would have fit in perfectly with the GOP of a few years ago but the Republicans continue to out-extreme themselves year after year.

More from the NY Times:

In crafting the Affordable Care Act, President Obama and his Democratic allies argued that the individual mandate — originally an idea put forth by conservatives — was a key part of broadening the financial risks for insurance companies and lowering the costs for the insured.

In the video released Wednesday night, Mr. Romney appears to share that view, at least as it relates to the Massachusetts plan.

The individual mandate, he said, “is essential for bringing the health care costs down for everyone and getting everyone the health insurance they need.”

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