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Verizon releases 300Mbps internet service, at an ugly price

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The speed is definitely impressive. The price? It's even uglier than their earlier prices and still lagging far behind the overall service that is readily available outside of the US. Imagine what would happen with a bit of real competition, dare I say capitalism?

Verizon ought to call this the High Speed Internet for the 1% since it's so cost prohibitive.

There are two downsides to the 300Mbps FiOS Quantum. The first is that Verizon FiOS isn’t available in all areas, so you may not be able to get FiOS at all. The second is that the 300Mbps FiOS Quantum package is $210 per month ($205 if you agree to a two-year contract).

The 150Mbps FiOS Quantum service (with the same 65Mbps upload speed) may be more sensible in many cases. At $100 a month (or $95 on a two-year contract), it costs less than half of the top of the line service while still delivering more than adequate broadband speeds.
I love that they knock off $5 a month if you buy a two-year contract worth nearly $5,000.  How generous.

On a related note, what fool in Washington believes that it's a good thing to make the Internet so expensive that it's not easily available for all Americans? If they really want the country to compete, they need to allow competition and not what exists today.

I'll remind everyone again that in Europe we have plans for 30 euros a month that include Internet, cable TV, and an unlimited phone service to much of the world.  You are being ripped off.  (On a related matter, see John's earlier post about his $26 a month French iPhone service (I have the same plan) that beats anything you can find in the states.)

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