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Teaching a robot to run like a cockroach

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I loathe cockroaches, and bugs in general. I'm not even so enamored of lady bugs anymore. But this is terribly cool.

Scientists have examined the way a cockroach is able to run along a ledge, then when it gets to the ledge immediately switch to running under the ledge - then they programed a mini-robot to do the same thing. It's hard to explain, but watch this quick video.

Now watch the same video from a side view, and note how the cockroach accomplishes the feat by hanging on with one foot.

What they've done is take the way the cockroach manages this feat and program a small robot to do the same thing. Watch this video of the robot hanging on by one foot to change direction.

Now, when they teach the robot to walk like an Egyptian, then we'll talk.

More on what they did with the robot. (H/t Gizmodo)

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