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Romney says CO has no green jobs, despite over 70,000 of them

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Sadly, the guy who will say anything was wrong again. There are lots of green jobs in Colorado if he bothered in investigate. The facts didn't fit his story though, so he lied once again. More from Inhabitat:

On a trip to Colorado, presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney claimed that the state had no green jobs as a result of the Obama Adminstration’s energy policies. While in fact it has 72,452 jobs in “green goods and services”, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Colorado’s wind energy industry alone created 4,000-5,000 jobs just last year.

Here at Inhabitat, we are used to Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping on energy issues. One moment he’s saying we should make more fuel-efficient vehicles and harness alternative energies, the next he wants to drill in Alaska, but this latest comment is either complete ignorance or simple fabrication.

Speaking in Craig, Colorado (which was the subject of a pro-fossil fuel group-funded video called “The Perfect Storm Over Craig, Colorado” that attacked the president’s energy policies), Romney strongly implied to supporters that the state had no clean energy jobs.

Speaking to the crowd, he said: “And then of course there’s his (President Obama’s) plan for energy. You see, he said he was going to create some 5 million green energy jobs. Have you seen those around here anywhere? No, as a matter of fact he’s gone after energy.”

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