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Romney criticizes big government in front of government subsidized farm

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Even better, the owners of the heavily subsidized farm don't like Obama, but they can't pinpoint why. Gosh, whatever could that mean? Keep in mind that Lebanon County, Pennsylvania doesn't have the largest African-American population and is well below the statewide numbers but I'm sure that has nothing to do with their opinion.

The Romney campaign is really on a roll these days bashing Obama and Big Government and then choosing bad locations to tell their story. The Daily Beast:

Jeff and Karen Zuck, who own the 160-acre, 117-head dairy farm that was Romney’s chosen backdrop for the rare non-Fox interview, have collected $195,631 in federal subsidies since 1995. The $44,549 in grants they got in 2009, Barack Obama’s first year in office, was almost twice their previous high in 2002, and was a consequence of the heightened subsidies the Obama administration rushed to deliver as milk prices plummeted in the recession. Only 20 farms in subsidy-rich Lebanon County, Penn., received more federal aid than the Zucks in 2009, and only 30 exceeded the Zuck subsidy over the prior decade and a half. But the farm didn’t even appear on the top 50 list in George W. Bush’s final year in office, when they received a measly $1,177 in subsidies, less than three percent of what Obama gave them the next year.
Oh, and the farm across the street from the Romney interview? It received even more government subsidized money.

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