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Neo-Nazi spokesman in Greece repeatedly punches (slaps) female parliamentarian in face on TV during debate

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Per CNBC: "Gold Dawn [neo-Nazi] spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris throws water at Syriza party deputy Rena Dourou before attacking Communist MP Liana Kanellis."

Neo-Nazi member of parliament starts to throw water
at other member of parliament.
Then he shoves another female member of parliament.
Right after he shoves her.
Then he slaps/punches her in the face.
She raises her hands to defend herself.
He slaps/punches her again.
And again. (And what's with the two in the middle, the woman in salmon
and the guy to her right (our left) - they seem almost bored.)
It doesn't get much crazier or offensive than this.

It all takes place during your normal political talk show with various guests opining at once.  All of a sudden the neo-Nazi member of parliament appears to throw a glass of water in a female member of parliament's face.  Then he stands up and shoves another female member of parliament, before clocking her a few times in the face (some reports say he slapped her - watch the video, it doesn't appear to make much of a difference what it was, it was seriously violent).

The man should be sitting in jail right now for assault. The most shocking part of this ugly scene is that Greeks are actually showing any support for this creepy bunch of thugs (the neo-Nazis just won seats in the Greek parliament).

The attack starts about 38 seconds into the video:

UPDATE: The LA Times, which oddly refers to the neo-Nazi part as simply a "far-right party," reports that there's a nationwide manhunt in Greece for the neo-Nazi spokesman. He's apparently gone into hiding. More from the LA Times:
Using a mangled swastika as its symbol and revering Adolf Hitler, Golden Dawn increased its share of the vote from 0.3% to nearly 7% in last month’s polling by tapping into the anger and pain of two years of austerity cuts and deep economic recession. Its capture of 21 seats in Greece’s 300-member parliament sent chills through much of the rest of the Europe.

On Thursday, Golden Dawn leader Nikos Mihaloliakos refused to condemn the incident, arguing that Kasidiaris, who fled the TV set before security guards could stop him, was “provoked.”
More on the attack via CNBC:
Video of the incident, posted on Youtube but since removed, shows Ilias Kasidiaris in heated exchanges with Syriza party deputy Rena Dourou. The video shows both politicians shouting over the other. Communist party member of parliament Liana Kanellis is also involved.

Toward the end of the footage, Kasidiaris picks up a glass of water and throws it across the table at Dourou. Kanellis then jumps back out of her seat next to him and throws a number of papers at him. His reacts by pushing Kanellis and then striking her multiple times.
NOTE FROM JOHN: You elect the far right to congress and what do you expect them to act like?

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