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My friend Dave recreates a photo of his dad in Belgium during WWII

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This is a neat story.  My friend Dave Stirpe was on business in Belgium recently and decided to bring along some photos of his dad who served in Belgium (and I suspect other places) during WWII building floating bridges.  Dave had one picture in particular that he wanted to recreate.

Dave's dad, Michael Stirpe in WWII
Here's a little of Dave's story, from ArmyLive:
As I arrived in Namur, I stopped at an information booth near the train station to obtain a map. A young lady pointed the way to the River Meuse and the wrought iron fence that she saw in the picture. I walked past a beautifully restored city center and arrived at the river. I was shocked to see the same elaborately detailed wrought iron fence that was clearly visible in several pictures that I had taken along with me. I could identify a string of buildings across the river that were also in the picture, even though taller buildings had been constructed over the decades.

While 68 years had passed, it was eerily similar. I used my bad French to ask passing strangers to snap pictures of me in the same pose that “mon pere” had made along the fence until I finally approved of a picture that was nearly identical. The locals were interested in my collection of pictures and in the story that my Dad had served there in WWII.
Dave, at the same location, nearly 70 years later.

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