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Mitt "Major pornographer" Romney now "major gambler" too

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It's a funny thing, those Mormons.

They're very good at spending their millions to force other Americans to live under the Mormon religious coda, but when it comes to enforcing their own religious dictats against themselves... the Mormons seem increasingly squishy of late, especially when it comes to the nation's most famous Mormon, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

First there was Mitt Romney's ties to Marriott and their porn business.  Romney was on Marriott's board until he decided to run for president.  Porn is a big no-no to the Mormons, who are basically akin to the religious right in their far right stance on social issues and their exuberance for forcing those of other faiths to live under Mormon rules.

But that didn't stop Marriott from a making a ton of money selling porn in its hotels around the country while Romney was on Marriott's board (it also didn't seem to stop Romney from serving on the board of one of America's top purveyors of pornography).  And Romney continues to make money via his Marriott stock, money which comes in part from Marriott's ongoing porn business.

Romney took so much flak for his ties to Marriott's porn that Marriott kinda-sorta eventually will drop most of their porn but not all of it, eventually, maybe.  Not exactly an unequivocal moral stand by the Mormonest of companies, as noted by this top religious right activist.

And now we find out that Romney's biggest support is none of than Vegas gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson, who has pumped $10 million into a pro-Romney Super PAC, and who reportedly will be giving "limitless" donations to help Romney win in November.

Yes, the Mormon bishop will be getting limitless help from Vegas gamblers.

So to recap, Romney is personally making money from pornography, and the biggest financial support of his run for the presidency is one of America's top gambling moguls.

Then again, we're dealing with a candidate who flip flops on a daily basis on abortion, guns, immigration, Super PACs, Solyndra, stem cellsclimate change, the auto bailout, and even catfish.

And who can ever forget this one:
Via NewsOne

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