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Millionaire Ann Romney thinks the Obamas are too much the jet-setters

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This from the woman who practically has as many vacation homes as John McCain.  (Who among us has even one vacation home?  Hers are plural.)

A woman who owns numerous horses, and jockeys too apparently, and travels the world to watch them compete.

Ann Romney is just a regular gal.  If you live in the Hamptons.

I think it's in poor taste for the Romney campaign to use Mrs. Romney as a sort of ad hominem human shield, lobbing personal attacks against the Obamas while claiming spousal immunity.  It's a cute tactic, using the wife as attack dog - if you respond, they'll say you're beating up a man's wife; but apparently hiding behind your own wife, while she spreads lies about your opponent and his wife, is perfectly acceptable.

Lying for the Lord can get awfully complicated.

I hesitate to call the attack racist.  But it certainly raises some eyebrows when a white woman worth a quarter of a billion dollars lectures a black family, that brought itself up by its own bootstraps, about being too flashy with the way they spend money.

Sorry, Mrs. Romney, but flashy is when your latest home is so big that your car has its own elevator and the home has its own lobbyist.

You see, Mrs. Romney thinks the Obama's take too many vacations because they don't love their children enough.  (I wonder if she was wearing one of those thrifty $1,000 blouses while making the accusation.) From the Hill:
[Mrs.] Romney was responding to a question from WJR Detroit's Frank Beckmann, who asked Romney if her family would be vacationing abroad as frequently as the Obamas.

"I doubt that," Romney replied. "Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren."
I guess the Romneys didn't love their children and grandchildren nearly as much in 2006, when they were busy traveling the country and world for 212 of the year's 365 days.

You see, the Romneys missed 212 days in office their last year in the governorship. That's 7.5 months off in one year alone. What do the Romneys think this is, France?

Take a typical vacation year for Governor Romney, 2006 - which included visits to eight countries.  See how it compares to your typical vacation year:
* January: 11-day family vacation in Utah.
* July: Vacation at the Romney's vacation home in New Hampshire.
* August: Romney vacations in Alaska.
* December: "10-day ski vacation at his home in Deer Valley, Utah." - AP, 12/23/06.
* There were also family trips to Michigan and California, and additional trips to eight countries.
Someone's working Munchkin hours.

The Obamas, on the other hand, have had far fewer vacations than the Romneys or the Bushes. The Obamas took 70 days of vacation by November of 2011 (that would be nearly three years into his presidency). By a similar point in the Bush presidency, the Bushes had taken 225 days, over three times as much vacation time.  And we already know that the Romneys took 212 days in one year alone - that amounts to around nine times as many vacations as the Obamas.

Who's flashy now?

PS Congrats on your horse and jockey making the upcoming Olympics.  ABC reported last week that you and Mitt will be jetting to London to watch in person.  That'll show those high-fallutin' Obamas.

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