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London police accused of racism 51 times in last two months

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But to be fair to the Metropolitan police, they haven't had any innocent bystanders killed by police in a few years. Bring on the Olympics visitors! Or at least the white people visitors. The Guardian:

Boris Johnson, the London mayor, has admitted there is "more to do" to tackle racism in the Metropolitan police after it emerged that 51 complaints related to allegations of racism have been made to the police watchdog in the past two months.

The welter of complaints lodged since 1 April was revealed by the Labour chair of London's police and crime committee, Joanne McCartney, as she challenged Johnson over the true scale of racism within Scotland Yard.

Making his first personal appearance in front of the committee since it replaced the Metropolitan Police Authority, disbanded in January, Johnson said: "I think any incident of racism is too much."
Racism has a long tradition in the British police. Failing to address the problems has been going on for almost as long and the excuses were worn out decades ago.

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