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Jesus discovered in bathroom mold (seriously)

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According to the broadcast, the mold started on the shower wall several months again when Thomas, the man of the house, was in jail. It's not entirely clear why the bathroom wall wasn't cleaned before the Lord fully made his moldy presence known.

Oh, and they're in Texas.

It's even more inspirational than the time Jesus was on a grilled cheese sandwich.  (The Virgin Mary was also seen on a grilled cheese sandwich, and sold for $28,000 on eBay (seriously)).

Is it really a surprise that 46% of Americans believe that god created humans 10,000 years ago? As long as loony beliefs like this exist in such large numbers, it's going to be difficult competing this century.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Not to go all Pat Robertson, but it is interesting how so many of these phenomena seem to occur in the same places tornadoes hit.

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