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How do privatized TSA agents solve the TSA problem?

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I completely understand that Representative Mica likes to hand privatized deals over to campaign contributors or potential contributors but I have yet to hear how or why privatizing addresses the problems of the TSA. They will be following the same mission and rules as the TSA except that instead of some level of accountability via the government, there will now be an extra layer with a private company that is accountable to no one.

The privatized TSA will still be groping or using the porno-scanners that are expensive but easily beatable as we have seen recently as well as a few years ago. They will still be humiliating Americans and preventing babies from flying because of incorrect no-fly lists and declaring cream cheese dangerous.

Why isn't anyone asking Rep. Mica how the privatized TSA will be any different with these problems? The Hill:

Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) has long pushed for private screeners at Orlando's Sanford International Airport. He said Monday he hoped the move at the airport in his home state would open "a new era of reform for TSA operations, not only at Orlando Sanford but across the nation.

“It’s critical that TSA get out of the business of running a huge bureaucracy and human resources operation and refocus its attention on security, analyzing intelligence, and setting the highest risk-based security standards," Mica, who is a vocal critic of TSA, said in a statement.

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