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GOP: Destroy Obamacare, then drag feet and do nothing

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There you go! What a plan for America by the brilliant minds that are blinded by hatred and a desire to destroy America. It comes as no surprise that the Republicans don't have a plan to replace Obamacare with anything because really, who out there really knows that there was an exploding healthcare crisis that led to the reform in the first place?

We can all agree that Obamacare didn't solve every problem and yes, it could have been less about benefiting the insurance and pharmaceutical companies but to destroy it for no other reason other than because it was done by Obama is the usual Republican hatred.

Why is it so hard for Republicans to compromise and work for the American people rather than obstruct and destroy? One of these days the GOP is going to have to start negotiating and delivering legislation that benefits someone other than industry. Repeal and then ignore? Really?

Instead, GOP lawmakers cite recent announcements that some insurance companies will retain a few of the law's higher-profile provisions as evidence that quick legislative action is not essential. Those are steps that officials say Republicans quietly urged in private conversations with the industry.

Once the Supreme Court issues a ruling, "the goal is to repeal anything that is left standing," said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., a member of the party's leadership.

Beyond that, "we ought to go step by step to lower the cost" of health care, he added, a formula repeated by numerous other Republicans interviewed in recent days.

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