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The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl

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Anyone remember these guys? I always had some laughs listening to their music.

So after a great deal of stress (mostly for my sister) my no longer little nephew who now has the nerve to be taller than me graduated from high school yesterday. I crashed his class a few days ago at his school when he presented his senior project, which was just amazing.

Last year for his science fair project he constructed a water filtration system that could be easily built in the Third World and this year, he actually did it for real. He traveled to Guatemala last month and spent three weeks in a village helping construct a school out of old tired and dirt. When the villagers told him that an elderly woman in town was having difficulties with water (and getting sick) he built a filtration system for her, then built another for the school. It's simple, but effective.

Now he's preparing for a bit of work closer to home for the summer, then off for engineering at Purdue. We're all really proud of him and even his grandparents think he's going to end up doing something good for people in challenging conditions with his engineering degree. Who knows, but if nothing else the project in Guatemala was a fantastic experience.

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