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Chevron still refusing to pay for Ecuador spill

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When the courts fail to deliver the result that you want, just ignore it, right? How's that work out for everyone else? Once again it's the corporate world deciding when and if they want to follow the law.

Because of the frustration with Chevron, a new case is being filed in Canada and possibly other countries as well. It's important to remember that the case started in the US but Chevron insisted on the case being moved to Ecuador. It's almost as though Chevron thought they could control the legal process there when they asked for the change of location. Surely that wasn't it, right?

More on the failure to pay the court ordered $18 billion from the Houston Chronicle.

For the past year, Chevron Corp. has refused to pay an $18 billion pollution lawsuit judgment from a court in Ecuador, arguing that the judicial process there was marred by politics, official misconduct and fraud.

So on Wednesday, the company's Ecuadorean opponents moved the case to Canada, a country whose court system enjoys a rock-solid reputation.

They filed suit in Ontario, in a bid to seize enough of Chevron's assets to satisfy the $18 billion judgment from their homeland. If the Canadian court sides with them, they say, Chevron will have a hard time claiming that the court itself is defective.

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