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Cameron continues assault on the poor

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As we've seen many times, there most definitely is a lot of class warfare going on but it's always the rich against the poor. In the case of the UK, it's bad enough that the Tories are rolling out strict austerity, hurting everyone other than the 1%, but now this.

The worst part about it is that Cameron is citing the tough times of austerity as one of the reasons why everyone - including those most disadvantaged - needs to toughen up and play their part. What's curious to note is that much like in America, those who caused the problem are never asked to sacrifice in a way that reflects their responsibility in this crisis. Why is that?

It's a disturbing story though sadly, not that different from anything we will read or hear in the US. Still, it's worth reading it all to see how far the silver-spoon-in-mouth Cameron is ready to wage war against the poor. The Guardian:

David Cameron will on Monday launch a scathing attack on what he calls the "culture of entitlement" in the welfare system, as he warns that claimants with three or more children may start to lose access to benefits, and almost everyone aged under 25 will lose housing benefit.

The prime minister will claim there is now a damaging and divisive gap in Britain between those enjoying privileges inside the welfare system and those resentfully struggling outside. It is likely to be seen on the left as the death knell for Cameron's brand of compassionate conservatism.

He will also single out lone parents of multiple children as a focus for cuts and insist the welfare system should be a safety net available only to those with no independent means of support. The reforms could see a range of benefits targeted, including income support payments.

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