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Blunt video song parody: "Citizens United is Democracy's Castration"

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Oy! Another Blunt video, this time a song parody.

I'm going to send you over to The Political Carnival (dot net) to listen, but trust me, it's hilarious. There's a real art to writing lyrics that work. It's especially tough to get funny rhymes that aren't all half-rhymes. (A half-rhyme: home / clone.)

English is considered a rhyme-poor language, and that's certainly true relative to, say, Italian. But once you get to half-rhymes, the world opens up. Needless to say, Shakespeare had little (though some) use for half-rhymes.

That aside, the lyrics are a hoot, and the performances are better than that.

A taste of the writing (the music is "Supercalifragilistic" from Mary Poppins):
The highest court in all the land
    decides what’s wrong or right.
It’s composed of different folks,
    but mostly old and white.
Nine supposed wise and learned
    judges make the calls
Including one decision where
    the (bleep) has hit the wall.


Thanks to the Supreme Court we have
    Citizens United.
How ironic is it that we
    ended up divided?
Corporations, superPACs could
    not be more delighted!
Any way to get five of those
    justices indicted?
By the way, there's a nice set of rhymes on — shrinkage (yes) / inkage / drinkage / brinkage. As regular readers know, the suffix –age is one of my favorites; I have been known to apply it in tweakage situations.

Enjoy: "Citizens United is Democracy's Castration" is brought to you by the Blunt Video Players.

Yours in good fun,


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