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"Bias" against a Mormon presidential candidate?

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Interesting that no one calls it "bias" when you're against a Republican presidential candidate.

Calling it "bias" suggests that it's a benign characteristic that has no impact on who you are as a person. If someone were a Mormon by birth, and not practicing, then their faith would be benign.  But if someone embraces their faith then is it fair to suggest that their faith has no impact on who they are, how they think, what decisions they would make in life and in office?

If a chief tenet of modern Mormonism is anti-gay advocacy, and you're gay, or know gay people, and don't want a politician in office who is going to make anti-gay advocacy a major part of his governance, then why is it "bias" to vote against him?

I think people of faith, and pollsters like Gallup, are playing a cute game by claiming that their faith is everything to them, but please don't judge them by their faith.  I suspect that if the poll asked how you'd feel about a liberal Democrat Mormon, the poll numbers in support of the candidate would be significantly higher.

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