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Anatomy of a Republican lie

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The Republicans and the religious right deserve each other.

They're both expert at taking a lie and making it true.

The latest lie from the GOP is that the right-wing "reporter" who heckled President Obama during his immigration speech the other day was simply doing what reporters did all the time to lovable old Ronald Reagan.

And look, they even have a scanned copy of an old AP story to prove it.

Yeah, it's "proof" if you don't actually read the AP story. If you do read it you'll discover yet another beautifully woven GOP lie.

You see, as the AP report says repeatedly, the reporters yelled questions at Reagan after his statement was over, and/or after the event was over and Reagan was leaving (and in typical Reagan fashion, refusing to take any questions - remember Reagan always putting his hand to his ear pretending he could hear the questions?).

Nowhere in the AP story does it say that reporters interrupted an address by Reagan (and heckled him mid-address, no less) - something that has now happened twice to President Obama, once by a far-right GOP reporter and another by a far-right GOP member of Congress.

But it's sufficient for a conservative "newspaper" (not surprisingly, one founded by a cult) to "report" it as "fact" that the "liberal" media interrupted Reagan with yells all the time, and next you'll hear everyone on Fox News, and Limbaugh, citing this as "fact" too.

They don't have the facts on their side, so they create their own propaganda media to make the lies for them.

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