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Why are the poorest and most violent states in Red states?

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If quality of life is important, this recent study says a lot about modern America. Many times people from outside of the northeast like to bash the northeast as being full of violent big cities (and sure, they exist) but the statistics on violence and poverty should be eye opening.

Why is it that the most peaceful states are traditional Blue states and the most violent are Red states? Wouldn't it be nice if people could learn and adjust from studies like this? Click through to see the top three on either side of this very interesting new study.

In the category of economics, absolute poverty rates appear to be correlated with violent conditions. Nine of the 10 most peaceful states were among the 20 with the lowest poverty rates. On the other hand, six of the 10 least peaceful were among the 10 poorest states.

A number of education-related metrics correlate strongly with how peaceful the states are. According to Killelea, “it is not so much the quality of education that matters for peace, but that states keep children in school and off the streets.”

The strongest correlation with peace among the education data is the share of a state’s population with at least a high school diploma. In Texas, which is among the least peaceful states, just over 80 percent have at least a high school diploma -- the country’s lowest rate. Minnesota’s rate of nearly 92 percent is the country’s second highest. That state is also one of the most peaceful.

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