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White House tours for fetuses? Sorry, it ain't so

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What an asinine story.

Anti-abortion conservatives are trying to claim that the White House counts fetuses as people for the purpose of White House tours. Now stay with me here, because this is really, really, really, really hard to understand.

The White House Visitors Office is asking pregnant women who request tours to make sure to include their unborn child in the total count of how many family members are attending IF THE BABY WILL BE BORN BY THE TIME OF THE TOUR. In other words, if you're a mom, a dad, and a kid, that makes 3 family members. But if you're a mom, a dad, a kid, and another kid will be born by the time you go to the White House, then four of you are going, so make sure you ask for four tickets.

The conservatives are saying that this is an admission that a fetus is a person.

Uh, no, it's an admission of the existence of science: That pregnant women tend to give birth to little human beings.

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