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Virtually Speaking: GP and Jay Ackroyd tonight 9pm EST

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Tonight at 9pm EST Virtually Speaking's Jay Ackroyd and I will chat for an hour. The conversation will be available live (see information below) and for later listening at the Virtually Speaking site.

In addition, Virtually Speaking programs are available as iTunes broadcasts (which is how I often listen).

Tune in if you can. There's a call-in number at the site. From the announcement:
Virtually Speaking Thursday May 17 – 6pm PT / 9pm ET
Gaius Publius with Jay Ackroyd

Gaius Publius is a Contributing Editor to AmericaBlog. He and Jay Ackroyd expect to talk about "Hugging the Monster" (climate catastrophe), the developing Grand Bargain on "entitlements" and the importance of non-violence in the Occupy movement.

Listen Live & Later on BlogTalkRadio
Please tune in (or download) if these subjects interest you. Thanks!


To follow or to send links: @Gaius_Publius
Jay Ackroyd's Twitter feed: @jayackroyd

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