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TSA reveals passenger complaints, four years later

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None of us should be surprised that the same agency that dumps taxpayer billions into unproven technology courtesy of insider lobbyist efforts, is unresponsive to requests for information. Besides fear of being labeled "soft on terrorism" or being won over by political donations, why would anyone in Washington accept the behavior of the TSA? More on the request from Propublica and the TSA's painfully slow response.

Let's look at some of the lowlights of the TSA in recent years:
* German TV shows how easy it is to get past the TSA porno-scanners
* TSA leaves cancer survivor soaked in urine
* TSA gropes a 3 year old child, making her hysterical
* TSA leaves creepy note about sex toy in searched luggage (To their credit, they fired that person.)
* TSA forces elderly passenger to remove adult diaper
* TSA porno-scanners again proven to be easily defeated
* TSA humiliates 95 year old retired Air Force Major
* TSA searches Houston bus and light rail passengers

From time to time we hear a bit of noise out of Washington about reform but it goes nowhere. This is clearly an organization that makes its own rules and is convinced (not wrongly) that it is above the law. Their actions are not making America safer. They're all about fear and humiliation and only show the world how much we lost after 9/11.

Shouldn't Washington be much more responsive to citizens than this? If we're supposed to be better than the bad guys, let's start acting like it.

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