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Retired Americans turn to subletting houses and boats

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But wait, I thought they were supposed to be giving loans to their kids so the kids could take risks, no? Isn't that with Romney said they should do? After taking a thrashing during the last few recessions retired Americans are hardly in any financial condition to throw money around the way Romney has suggested. CNBC:

The two enterprising couples are part of an emerging wave of retired “micropreneurs,” who pay for some of their living expenses by renting, sharing or swapping their big-ticket assets, such as homes, cars, airplanes and boats. New online companies are making it easier, safer and more efficient for you to become a tiny rental agency. Both couples attract at least a third of their guests through Airbnb, a San Francisco-based global online marketplace for privately owned homes and rooms. Its online rivals include Roomorama and Vacation Rentals by Owner. For autos, online car-sharing services like Relay Rides enable you to make money by renting your underused vehicles. If you have a boat or a private plane that you are willing to share, ShareZen offers you software and online assistance.
The idea of the "sharing economy" is a great thing in my opinion as it helps eliminate waste and helps generate money for many people, but there's still a large delta between the sharing economy and the Mitt Romney world, where everyone around you is dripping in money and making $10,000 bets and building elevators for their fleet of cars.

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