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Poll: Global investors prefer Obama over Romney

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Wait, I thought Obama was supposed to be a socialist who hates business. Is this poll suggesting that maybe Obama is not really the person the Teabaggers talk about? Well I'll be darned.

Asked who would be the better leader for the global economy, 49 percent favor Obama against 38 percent for Romney, according to a quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll. In January, the two candidates tied on the question.

By the same margin, they say Obama has a better vision for the U.S. economy, according to the survey of 1,253 Bloomberg customers, who are investors, analysts or traders.

Obama “managed the U.S. economy pretty well, solving a lot of imbalances created by the previous administration,” says poll respondent Mario Di Marcantonio, 35, a senior portfolio manager at Eurizon Capital in Milan.
Despite the GOP talk, Obama is pretty much a Rockefeller Republican and anyone with open eyes can see that he's hardly a socialist.

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