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More shooting rampages in MD, AZ and CA

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First Arizona:

For several years, Arizona vigilante J.T. Ready conducted armed, civilian patrols along the U.S. border, urging the use of violence to prevent smuggling and illegal immigration.

On Wednesday, the former Marine, who was running for Pinal County sheriff, went on a shooting rampage in a sedate Gilbert neighborhood, killing four people before he took his own life, authorities believe.

The victims ranged from a 15-month-old infant to a 47-year-old grandmother. Investigators have yet to list a motive for the killing spree, but early indications suggested an explosion of domestic violence rather than a political act.
Then Maryland:
A man and a woman were killed and another woman seriously injured in a possible double-shooting and suicide at a church in Maryland late on Thursday.
Then California (twice):
In Carson, south of Los Angeles, an ICE agent was shot dead at his home in what is being described as a domestic incident. His 14-year-old son was arrested for allegedly firing the fatal shot.
And in Petaluma, north of San Francisco, three ICE agents were shot Thursday morning while serving warrants. Their injuries do not appear to be life threatening.
Your Second Amendment proud at work.

Glad we have such strong gun control groups who immediately jump on these stories to build a larger narrative about how guns are destroying our society.  Sigh.

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