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Mitt Romney's untraditional grandson

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I can't swear to know every word in the Book of Mormon, but I'm pretty sure that when Mitt Romney spouted off the other day about his reverence for the 3,000 year old definition of marriage, nowhere in that definition did it include a man, his wife, and the unnamed other woman who gave birth to their twin sons.

(Well, actually, the only place you would find multiple women mothering the same child is in Mormon tradition.)

But that's exactly what Romney's son Tagg did, he used a surrogate.  Even though it's a pretty big no no in Mormonism:

Mitt Romney and his five sons are all practicing Mormons, and according to the handbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the church “strongly discourages” both surrogacy and in vitro fertilization.

“The Church discourages surrogate motherhood but leaves the decision to individual members,” said Michael Purdy, a church spokesman.
Put aside the fact that in traditional Mormon marriages if one of your wives was infertile you could simply go to one of your other wives.  I do find it interesting that Mitt Romney is happy to take potshots at our families for "discarding tradition" while his own family isn't exactly a font of tradition either.  Yet another Romney flip-flop.

Get ready for someone to claim that it's a low-blow criticizing Mitt's kids, while three days ago Mitt had no problem going after ours.

Jesus didn't have two mommies, Mitt.*

*(Though he did have two daddies.)

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