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Marshall Crenshaw - Someday Someway

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On Friday I dropped off Sushi at the vet hospital for radioiodine treatment to hopefully cure his hyperthyroidism problem. The poor little guy has lost weight and has not been well. We tried the pills which helped initially and then that stopped. His treatment was yesterday but now he has to be confined for two weeks at the hospital due to the radioactivity. (In the US, I read that the visit is 3 or 4 days and then you need to safeguard the cat litter and hand it over due to the remaining radioactivity.)

Sushi is a bit of the choux choux (OK, a lot of it) around the flat and he loves finding a comfy blanket or soft spot for sleeping away the day. He also is used to me being there with him all day and gets upset when I leave. At the moment he's probably not thrilled with his surroundings but fingers crossed his health improves. It's great that the team at the vet hospital were about as friendly as could be but we will be looking forward to Sushi coming back home.

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