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Is News Corp violating FCC rules?

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Considering the number of defenders of Fox News (the entire GOP and too many Democrats) this will probably not amount to anything but it's still interesting to see the issue even being raised. If there's a requirement of "good character" then News Corp fails miserably. Hacking the phones of murdered teenagers, police and hundreds of others is hardly appropriate. We still don't know whether News Corp was involved in similar acts in the US though the possibility is there. The Guardian:

Under FCC regulations, broadcast frequencies can only be handed to firms run by people of good "character" who serve the "public interest" and speak with "candor". In making that judgment, the FCC is entitled to consider past conduct of media owners, including conduct that does not relate directly to their broadcasting interests, as well as any patterns of alleged misbehaviour.

The FCC has so far shown an unwillingness to be drawn into the billowing phone hacking scandal concerning the News of the World and other News Corporation outlets in the UK. Last July, Genachowski indicated that he did not expect his agency to get involved in the probe.

But Crew insisted that as more information emerges about the failure of News Corp to deal with its hacking crisis, federal authorities would eventually be forced to act. The watchdog has also written to the US Senate and House committees on commerce calling for congressional hearings into whether the Murdochs were fit to hold the Fox TV licences. A similar request from Crew last year went unanswered.

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