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Greek election forces coalition - parties agree bailout terms must change

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The Greek bailouts have not solved anything other than kicking the problems down the road. Even the renegotiated terms were more favorable to the banks than to the people of Greece. The election results in Greece have not confirmed a government, but they have confirmed the national desire to change the terms. A minor restructuring is not likely to make an impact and may only delay the inevitable.

The heads of the two parties projected to earn the most votes in Greece's election have called for changes in the country's international bailout terms, with one seeking to re-negotiate the deal and the other to overturn it.

Updated official projections Sunday show conservative New Democracy head Antonis Samaras leading with 18.9 percent and 108 seats in the 300-member parliament, far less than the 151 needed to form a government. Leftist Syriza head Alexis Tsipras was second with 16.8 percent and 51 seats, while the former majority PASOK was projected third with 13.4 percent and 41 seats.

Samaras called for a coalition government with two aims: for Greece to remain in the euro and to amend the terms of its international bailout. Tsipras called for the overturning of the bailout.

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