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Germany making enormous progress with solar energy

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These new developments in Germany are impressive. They are now generating as much energy as 20 nuclear power plants, though without all of the downside side effects of nuclear energy. Remember that for years, many in the anti-change camp have insisted that the green energy sources could never provide enough energy.

Thanks to Germany's insistence on moving beyond nuclear energy, we're seeing that other options are possible and that they can work. Change is never easy but just because some say it's not possible, doesn't mean that it's true. Well done, Germany and thanks for showing the world what is possible.

Norbert Allnoch, director of the Institute of the Renewable Energy Industry (IWR) in Muenster, said the 22 gigawatts o f solar power per hour fed into the national grid on Saturday met nearly 50 percent of the nation's midday electricity needs.

"Never before anywhere has a country produced as much photovoltaic electricity," Allnoch told Reuters. "Germany came close to the 20 gigawatt (GW) mark a few times in recent weeks. But this was the first time we made it over."

The record-breaking amount of solar power shows one of the world's leading industrial nations was able to meet a third of its electricity needs on a work day, Friday, and nearly half on Saturday when factories and offices were closed.

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