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Germans fed up with disaster they helped create in Greece

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Let's just say Germany is about as frustrated with Greece as many Europeans are with Germany. Lost in the discussion in Germany is that while Greece had its fair share of problems (and probably shouldn't have joined the euro in the first place) Germany has consistently made the bad situation worse. Yes, there's no shortage of corruption in Greece but the problems of corruption are hardly limited to any one country.

Also, if Germany can't see the additional problems that they created with the bailouts, that's their fault completely. Many criticized the bailouts as kicking the can down the road. In addition, Merkel herself should have spent less time politicizing the problem back home and more time speeding up the bailouts if that's what she really wanted. By dawdling she cost everyone more money. (Time is money, after all.)

Merkel's defense of the bankers only losing 50% also falls into her lap. Why should the average Greek citizen get screwed so the bankers can cling onto money that they should have taken a complete loss on? Sorry, but that's Germany's negotiating so Germany should quit complaining.

What's amusing about all of this is that the Germans - who have kicked and screamed about keeping Greece in the euro - are finally coming to the same conclusion as the Greek people. What a big waste of money and Germany can thank Germany for the waste.

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