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Former GOP rep uncomfortable with Romney using birther Trump to raise money

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If Mitt Romney can't stand up to Trump and his crazy birther ideas, how will he stand up to the likes of Assad? Romney doesn't show very good morals or decision making if this is the best he can offer during an election cycle. More from Think Progress on the slimy move by Mitt.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Mitt Romney is an outrage-hypocrite.  He gets all hot and bothered when anyone says anything about his being a Mormon - not just when someone says that Mormonism is a "cult", but even about the simple question as to whether Mitt Romney has ever participated in a posthumous baptism in an attempt to steal the souls of dead Holocaust victims.  Romney won't say - he won't even repudiate the practice - and he's offended that anyone would ask.

But boy oh boy, when it comes time to land some low-blows against Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is right there front and center.

First there's Romney's embrace of Trump and his birtherism, and Romney's refusal to say a word about it.  Then there was Romney's gratuitous swipe about Rev. Wright a few months back.  That was even worse than the birther embrace.

Think about it.  Romney thinks that President Obama's embrace of a pastor with what he considers "weird" Christian ideas is fair game in this election.  But what does that say about Mitt Romney's embrace of Mormonism and its ideas?  Why is it off limits to even talk about Romney's Mormonism in anything short of genuflecting adulation, but it's not off limits for Romney himself to criticize President Obama's embrace of Christianity?

Now, the Romney camp could try to argue that it shows a window into President Obama's soul, and brings into question his "judgment" in relying on a preacher with such 'radical' views.

But how is the possibility of Mitt Romney having attempted to forcibly convert the souls of Jewish Holocaust victims, of his embrace of a religion that has been on a virtual jihad against the civil rights of gays, blacks and women over the years, any less a window into Mitt Romney's soul?

It almost seems as if the stronger one embraces one's own religion - i.e., the greater influence your religion has had in determining who you are, and what you will do in life and in politics - the less legitimate it is to inquire about that religion and its influence on you.  Unless it's Mitt Romney questioning Barack Obama's religion and it's influences, then it's okay.

Not to mention, Mitt Romney's son went to South America to convert Latino Christians away from Catholicism and to Mormonism.  Mitt Romney himself went to France in the early 1970s to, again, convert the French from Christianity - Catholicism, again, in their case - to Mormonism.

It's interesting that the Mormons bristle at the suggestion that they are not Christians, yet they do not seem to consider Catholics Christian enough to be exempt from Mormon attempts at conversion.  After all, why would Catholics need to be converted to Mormonism, in order to be saved, if in fact we're all Christians?

Those are the kind of questions Mitt Romney would ask of Barack Obama if the Mormon shoe were on the other foot.  But no one dares ask Mitt Romney the very type of questions he has himself posed to President Obama.

If Mitt Romney thinks Reverend Wright is fair game - an attack that many consider thinly-veiled racism - then isn't it at least fair to inquire why Mitt Romney and his son believe that Catholics are lesser Christians than Mormons?

Mitt Romney has made clear that a candidate's religion, and much worse, are fair for electoral discussion.  Then so be it.

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