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Five more things the TSA would rather you not see

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As if the list wasn't long enough with the humiliation of a 95 year old retired officer, banning an 18 month old baby, an 84 year old grandmother strip searched, creepy notes left inside luggage, not to mention the easy workarounds for defeating the porno scanners, the Huffington Post has more images and videos that you need to see.

It's the now familiar story of humiliation, mission creep and general ineffectiveness of the current TSA system. For an added bonus we now discover that the Philadelphia airport has a manager who was dismissed by the Camden, NJ archdiocese for allegedly molesting young girls when he was a priest. The hard reality of all of this is that the TSA has yet to find a single terrorist, though they did manage to miss at least one foreign flyer who went from New York to LA on someone else's ticket.

Why are we still funding this failed program? Is the political class really that afraid of taking corrective action? Read more about the latest TSA problems at the Huffington Post.

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