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Does it matter if Mark Zuckerberg wears a hoodie to meet investors?

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For starters, I'm no fan of Facebook and spend very little time caring about their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Lots of people love Facebook and if that's what they like and they don't care about the privacy issues the way I do, good for them. Really. We all can like different things.

Where I do agree with Zuckerberg is his insistence to living his life the way he wants to live his life, Wall Street investors be damned. If the guy wants to wear a hoodie, his PJ's or whatever else that he likes, he should be able to do it. Listening to Wall Street investors talking about who is serious or not is about as laughable as it gets.

Oh fine, the Wall Street crowd wears suits and ties that are more expensive than most of us can afford but that doesn't make them any more honest or serious, does it? The same guys who sold the world slightly polished turds that went down the drain, blowing to pieces many retirement plans really should just shut their mouths about who is serious and who isn't.

For me, after twenty years of meetings at Global 5000 corporate sites, I have much less trust in someone wearing a suit and tie than someone wearing a hoodie at a business meeting. Ken Lay had "the look" that these investors loved but that didn't mean much. So did Chuck Prince, Robert Rubin, Angelo Mozilo and more recently, Jamie Dimon. If someone can convince me that any of those guys are more professional or honest than Zuckerberg and his hoodie, please step forward and explain away.

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