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CSNY - Ohio, plus update on the 1970 massacre

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It's hard to believe that the massacre of innocent students happened 42 years ago. I went to college down in Columbus though did know some former Kent State students. Even back in the 1980s there was still a strange vibe to the campus according to those I knew. Maybe a reader out there has ties to Kent and knows more about how it is today.

Watching the Occupy protests last year, things didn't seem to improve much over time. Instead of the National Guard, it was the local police, though from afar it had the distinct look of a coordinated response across the country. As a country, weren't we supposed to have rejected a national police force early on? I almost expect that kind of bad behavior across a country in Europe but didn't expect to see it in the US.

Back to the Kent State massacre, there is a new movement to get to the bottom of the story and AG Holder has been requested to review the case and use modern equipment to review the videotape to try and determine the truth. Discovering the truth is never a bad idea. As a country, we should be big enough and open enough to handle the truth but that doesn't mean the political class is OK with it.

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