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California moves forward on GM food labeling

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Attempts to provide clear and honest labeling have failed in many states and with the federal government, but California is always going to be different. The state is large enough to have a national impact if it succeeds so this will be an issue to follow. In a country where so many politicians love to brag about American's having so many consumer choices, it should be an easy win.

If it weren't for the high cost of political campaigns, maybe it would be an easier win. Unfortunately that's not the case so the anti-consumer choice campaign has many deep pockets supporting the un-American campaign.

Thanks to a highly successful petition campaign, California voters will be able to choose whether or not to clear mark food labels so consumers know what they are eating. How is that anything but fair for everyone? Bloomberg:

A petition was signed by 971,126 people, 75 percent more than the minimum needed for a statewide vote concurrent with the Nov. 6 general election, the Oakland-based California Right to Know campaign said today in a statement. State certification of the signatures followed by approval from 50 percent of voters would make the proposal law.

“The right to know is as American as apple pie,” Gary Ruskin, an Oakland-based manager for the campaign, said in an April 30 interview. “Monsanto and some other chemical and agricultural biotech companies are desperate to keep the public in the dark about what is really in their food.”

The California movement is mobilizing consumer unease over modified ingredients, which are found in about 80 percent of processed foods in the U.S. according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The campaign is the best chance for biotech labeling in the U.S. after the failure of similar bills in 19 states and the rejection of a petition to the Food and Drug Administration last month, Ruskin said.

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