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Why do we hate photos, but not reflections, of ourselves?

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I was thinking of the former, then googled it, and came across the latter.  Meaning, it's not just an issue of why so many of us hate so many photos of ourselves, even when everyone else says we actually look good in any particular photo we still hate it, yet when looking in a mirror we do often do think we look pretty good (certainly we're more approving of ourselves in a mirror more often than we are of ourselves in a photo).  So it's not just an issue of self-esteem - or else we'd always be critical of our reflections in a mirror too.  It seems that we tend to be far more critical when looking at a photo, and only a photo of ourselves.  Yet we're not nearly as critical when looking at photos of others, so it can't just be the uniqueness of photography - there has to be a mixing of the uniqueness of you and the medium in question.

Why do you think that is?  (Just opening things up for little non-political discussion.)

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