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Trump calls Paul Ryan budget "catastrophic"

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I know, it's Donald Trump.  But as annoying as he is, he does matter - kind of.  He has a megaphone.  He abuses it.  A lot.  But that doesn't mean he doesn't have it.  It's embarrassing for the Republicans to have one of their prominent figures dissing them publicly.  And it only reinforces the message that the Paul Ryan budget (he's the Republican chairman of the US House Budget Committee, and the GOP's top "thinker" on budget issues) is too extreme.

Just to clarify. Trump doesn't disagree with the substance of the draconian Ryan budget. He just thinks it's a mistake to tell voters what's in it. And he's right. Since the Republicans usually only win by lying to the voters about legislation, and elections.

Everyone knows that honesty has a Democratic bias.

From Sam Stein at the Huffington Post:

"It is catastrophic what he's done," Trump told CNBC. "If they lose, it will be the single biggest reason why the Republicans lost: the Ryan plan."

Trump said he took issue not with the content of the Ryan budget -- though he declined to weigh in on that -- but rather, the timing of its introduction.

"I think the worst thing [Romney] can do is strongly embrace that budget if he wants to get elected," he said. "This will be the single worst move in the Republican Party for many years. This is going to be catastrophic."

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