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Steely Dan - Do It Again

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It's been a vacation week this week for me which meant limited time online. Jojo and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary as well as ten years since we dropped everything and backpacked for a year. It's been a great time during our break and fortunately the weather has held up nicely. We've been doing our part to help the Greek economy down in the Cyclades. The history here is amazing, dating back to 3600 BC when the Minoans settled from Crete. The Minoans were so advanced that they had running hot (via warm springs) and cold running water. Later, others including the Romans and eventually the Venetians settled in the area. Fast forward to modern day, many locals are worried about a slow summer season due to the ongoing economic problems in both Greece and Italy. There's a concern that the rioting in Athens might also scare away foreign tourists, but they insist that the riots are much more contained than TV news shows. (Which is not unlike the Paris riots a few years back that hardly appeared in Paris, but TV news showed something radically different from reality.) They also recognize that the banks (many of them foreign) have screwed Greece so there is justification for people being very angry with the banks. For now, everyone is in a wait and see mode.

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