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Spring in DC photo essay (my pics)

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DC is the land of azaleas.
Springtime, even when it's still dipping down to 40F at night, is a flowery pollen-filled time in Washington, DC.  This town, and northern Virginia (and I assume Maryland too), is just covered with azaleas everywhere you look.  They used to drive me allergies insane, but the shots have helped a lot these past few years. (These are iphone pics.)
Even more azaleas.
I tried growing an azalea on my balcony in a pot, it looks more like the Charlie Brown Christmas Azalea.  It's getting donated to my condo's rooftop some day soon.

My sad two year old encore azalea.
DC also has a lot of trees that may, or may not, be cherry trees.  They all bloom at the same time, and while we usually think they're all cherry, I suspect many are not.

I'm assuming cherry blossoms.
More cherry blossoms?
I'm a big fan of Japanese Maple trees.  I have one on my balcony that does surprisingly well, other than in August when it burns. I get too much light, and there's really nowhere to protect it.  Am hoping my bamboo will grow big enough to help some year.

Mini Japanese maple.
And my bignonia is finally starting to bloom.  This will be stunning when it stretches across my entire balcony railing in a few years.

My bignonia.
These are quite fun.  They're trees at a local foundation, cut in the French way.  They're pruned every fall in a way that makes the ends of the branches scar into this knuckle looking thing. I love them.  You'll see them all over France. I remember once, when I was 19 and living in France, being told that they're called "Grandma's knuckles."

Grandma's knuckles
And finally, Sasha is ever vigilant in the park, waiting for the ducks to come back this summer.

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