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Romney's ever-evolving record on guns and hunting

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Remember, this is the guy who flip-flopped on catfish.  We shouldn't be surprised that his story on guns keeps changing too.  ABC reminds us of Romney's previous odd statements about guns:

During a virtual debate with the Boston Globe in 2007 Romney was corrected when he claimed to own a gun that he later clarified actually belonged to one of his five sons.

“I have a gun of my own. I go hunting myself. I’m a member of the NRA and believe firmly in the right to bear arms,” said Romney, to which the interview corrected him, “Ah, excuse me, but isn’t that son Josh’s gun?”

Romney responded, “Um, well, yes, but so what? He has several guns out at our vacation place in Utah, and I use them from time to time.”

Also in 2007, Romney explained during an interview exactly what kind of hunting he likes.
“I’m not a big game hunter. I’ve always been, if you will, a rodent and rabbit hunter all right, small varmints if you will,” Romney said.

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