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Romney: Obama is hiding his agenda

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From the guy who can't stick to any position for more than five minutes. NY Times:

Appearing before a group of journalists that had hosted the president on Tuesday, Mr. Romney began by recalling Mr. Obama’s recent comment to Russia’s leader, in a moment picked up by a live microphone, that his flexibility on foreign policy would increase after the election. Mr. Romney asked on what other issues Mr. Obama would disclose his plans only after re-election.

“He wants us to re-elect him so we can find out what he will do,” Mr. Romney said.

“His intent is on hiding,” he said. “You and I are going to have to do the seeking.”
NOTE FROM JOHN: Oh I just had to weigh in. Romney calls the President's "candor" into question. Really Mitt? You're the biggest liar in this entire campaign, and you're suggesting the President is hiding something? Really Mitt? Would that be the same Mitt Romney I was called in to help fight in 1994 because he was telling gay voters in Massachusetts that he was more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy? Yeah lots of candor today, Mitt, when you now claim to be a conservative on gay issue. And on abortion, when you were pro-choice and pro-Planned Parenthood only a few years ago.

Consider how much Mitt Romney has flip-flopped in this campaign - remember, this is the guy who flip-flopped on eating catfish - it really takes some chutzpah, and bad political calculus, to make "candor" an issue in this campaign.

Remember the time Romney flip-flopped on climate change?
When Romney flip-flopped on abortion?
When Romney flip-flopped on invading Iraq?
When Romney flip-flopped on whether he'd seen a Gingrich ad?
When Romney flip-flopped on Solyndra?
When Romney flip-flopped on contraception?
When Romney flip-flopped on the stimulus?
When Romney flip-flopped on gay rights?
When Romney flip-flopped on health care reform?
When Romney flip-flopped on taxes and the credit rating?

The Mormons have a belief they call "Lying for the Lord." They use it to justify a lie, so long as the lie furthers what they consider the greater good. They use it a lot when talking about their decades-long multi-million dollar effort to rip the civil rights away from gays and lesbians. A lie is okay so long as it's to further the Lord's work.

And boy has Mitt Romney been up to a lot of work.

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